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Restorative Dentistry WillistonIf your teeth have sustained damage or decay, restorative dentistry treatments performed by Dr. Lauren Shanard at her Williston, Vermont office can help return form and function to your mouth.

Over the years, decay, wear and tear, injury, and other circumstances can degrade the structural integrity of your teeth, which in turn can negatively affect the balance of your bite, the comfort of your teeth, and the overall functionality of your smile. Restorative techniques such as crowns, dental implantstooth-colored fillings, full mouth restoration, and bridges can help you achieve a healthy, fantastic-looking smile. To learn more about how these restorative dentistry techniques can help you, contact our Williston, Vermont office today.

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Andy's dental bridge testimonial describes his experience at Contemporary Dental Arts in Burlington, Vermont and Williston, Vermont. He came into Dr. Lauren Shanard's office to have a dental bridge placed and some dental bonding. He appreciates the professionalism of the entire staff and the excellent care that he received.

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Our Restorative Dentistry Services

Dr. Shanard offers a variety restorative dentistry treatments designed to help you enjoy the best possible oral health.

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, these titanium posts can be surgically implanted in your jaw, providing solid, natural-feeling support for dentures, crowns and bridges. Dental implants require multiple visits to the dentist over the span of several months, but can provide several decades of maximum support for your dental prosthetics.


Custom-made tooth-shaped covers called crowns can be placed on top of damaged or decayed teeth to not only restore your chewing ability and balance your bite, but also restore a complete and natural look to your smile. Placement of crowns is often preceded by restoration alteration of the natural tooth, usually involving the removal of decayed portions, or simply removing parts of the tooth so it can better accommodate the crown. Crowns can also restore a dental implant. Crowns are available in a variety of materials to help meet your needs, either by providing improved function (metal alloy) or a more natural appearance (porcelain).

Tooth-Colored Fillings

When the dentist removes small decayed portions of your teeth, the void must be finished with a filling agent. Silver fillings are the traditional choice, but many find them to be unsightly. Dr. Shanard offers tooth-colored fillings that not only help uphold the structural integrity of a restored tooth, but also look much more natural than metal fillings.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges consist of one or more synthetic replacement teeth, custom-made to appear natural among your existing teeth. They can be held in place by a dental implant or by two adjacent dental crowns.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is, contrary to its reputation, a relatively pain-free procedure, particularly for those who choose to undergo treatment under oral conscious sedation. In most cases, root canal therapy is essential to relieving tooth pain and restoring comfort to the mouth.

Although the procedure is commonly referred to a "root canal," the root canal is actually a physical structure within the tooth. Each root canal contains a chamber that houses the tooth's pulp, which is comprised of nerves, vessels, and connective tissues. When this pulp becomes inflamed and infected, chronic tooth pain is the usual result.

In addition to the immediate pain relief the procedure provides, the primary benefit of root canal therapy is that it allows for the preservation of the tooth's root and much of its natural structure. Once the diseased pulp has been removed through a small channel created in the crown of the tooth, the root canal is thoroughly cleaned and then filled. The tooth will then be sealed with a filling or covered with a dental crown, which will provide excellent protection against further damage.

Full Mouth Restoration

Like a smile makeover, a full mouth restoration often calls for a combination of techniques to achieve a vast overall improvement. A full mouth restoration focuses upon improving the health and functionality of the smile through dental bridges, crowns, fillings and dental implants, depending upon the patient's individual needs. However, these treatments may also be combined with some cosmetic dentistry techniques to simultaneously improve the appearance of the smile.

Learn More about Restorative Dentistry

Your oral health is highly important in the scope of your overall health. To reclaim excellent oral health and enjoy all the benefits of a functional, balanced smile, contact us today and find out which restorative dentistry techniques performed at our Williston, Vermont office can help you.

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