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Like most of the treatments available at Contemporary Dental Arts, dental crowns serve, in nearly equal measure, both a cosmetic and a restorative purpose. From an oral health perspective, crowns provide support and strength to teeth that weakened teeth and teeth that have been damaged by decay, disease, or trauma. They are essential to the preservation of the healthy portion of such teeth, allowing patients to keep as much of their natural teeth as possible, which is always preferable to extraction. From an aesthetic point of view, however, dental crowns are carefully crafted to look remarkably like natural teeth, in terms of its color, shape, and texture. They can help to make a smile vibrant and complete once again.

Patients who are fitted with dental crowns at our Williston, Vermont dental practice have the added benefit of receiving treatment from a dentist with well over two decades of experience, a dentist whose passion for excellence attracts people from throughout the state. As the only cosmetic dentist in Vermont ever to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Lauren Shanard is able to craft dental crowns of such impeccable quality that they are practically indistinguishable from surrounding untreated teeth, while providing the strength and durability for which the best dental crowns are known.

If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from dental crowns at our Williston practice, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Dr. Shanard and the Contemporary Dental Arts team today.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Colloquially known as "caps," dental crowns are custom-crafted, tooth-shaped restorations that cover the entire surface area of a tooth. They are generally used to preserve as much of a natural tooth that has been damaged or is especially vulnerable to damage as possible. Crowns may be affixed to teeth that are cracked or weakened, restoring their strength and potentially preventing or alleviating pain in the process. They are also commonly used to restore teeth that have undergone the removal of decay or root canal therapy. As a means of preventing further damage and preserving the integrity of the supporting structures of the teeth, dental crowns are invaluable.

Dental crowns are also commonly used in the replacement of missing teeth, whether as support for an artificial tooth as part of a dental bridge or as the visible portion of a dental implant.

For decades, the primary purpose of dental crowns was restorative rather than cosmetic; therefore, all-metal crowns were often preferred as they were the strongest, most durable dental material available. At our state-of-the-art practice, however, Dr. Shanard uses modern, medical-grade porcelain to craft crowns that are every bit as strong and durable as their metal counterparts, and much, much more natural in their appearance.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

The primary benefit of dental crowns is that they allow you to keep your natural teeth. This is always preferable to extraction, a procedure that should be avoided whenever possible. Even if some or most of your tooth's visible structure must be removed, crowns will allow you to maintain the health and function of the underlying root structure. When a tooth is removed, unless it is immediately replaced by a dental implant, this underlying structure can fall into disuse, leading to the gradual degradation of the gum and bone tissues.

The aesthetic qualities of the dental crowns crafted by Dr. Shanard cannot be overstated. The porcelain used in these crowns is, like natural tooth enamel, translucent; in other words, it allows some light to pass through its surface rather than reflecting it. As a result, your dental crown will offer the benefit of not looking like an artificial restoration, but rather your own natural tooth. Furthermore, Dr. Shanard has the experience and skill to develop and nurture the tissues surrounding the crown to ensure that it blends seamlessly with adjacent teeth. You will emerge with a smile that is healthy, radiant, and beautifully whole.

In addition to these aesthetic and oral health benefits, as the final stage of root canal therapy, the placement of a dental crown will seal off the tooth after its infected pulp has been removed, and provide the protection the remaining tooth structure needs against further infection.

Dental Crown Candidates

Dental crowns can be used for such a wide variety of applications that candidacy is rarely an issue. Dr. Shanard will always take every measure possible to preserve a tooth, and if the remaining structure is sufficient to supporting a crown, then that patient will nearly always be a good candidate for treatment. Even those who are missing teeth or who have teeth so extensively damaged that extraction is the only reasonable option may be good candidates for implant-supported crowns.

Dr. Shanard is a master of both full-mouth reconstruction and comprehensive smile makeover plans, both of which commonly include dental crowns as a key component.

Contact Our Friendly Team Today

If you would like to find out whether you are a good candidate for dental crowns, please contact our Williston, Vermont cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice today. We would be more than pleased to assist you in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Shanard.

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