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Learn about Andy's story at Contemporary Dental Arts in Burlington, Vermont and Williston, Vermont, through this patient testimonial. He came into Dr. Lauren Shanard's office to have a dental bridge placed and some dental bonding. He appreciates the professionalism of the entire staff and the excellent care that he received.

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Everyone I met was great! I've avoided the dentist for a long time due to it making me very anxious. No one treated me in a shaming fashion for my lack of dental care which was nice. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly making it a great experience which is something I never ever thought I would say about a dentist appointment.
-Jennifer Campbell
Dr. Shanard, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this extraction. I was hoping you would. I truly couldn't have gone through with it any other way. I think you knew i would chicken out.I am intuitive enough to know that you didn't want this experience any more than I did. I will have you do anything on your worse day than one thing by another dentist at their best. I found a wonderful individual in you with your skill and genuine care. The women on your staff are the best I have ever seen. They know what they are doing and create a comfortable atmosphere that puts me at ease. I have a comfort there I wont find anywhere. So yes, I would go through it again because I know it would be the best possible experience. I need all this so I can endure it in the best possible way.
Thank you so much!
-Colleen C.
Dr. Shanard and the team at Contemporary Dental Arts are the best! The waiting room is pleasant, with current magazines and a selection of beverages. But you won't spend much time in the waiting room because they are almost always ready for you right on time. On the very rare occasions when an emergency changes their schedule, they've done their best to let me know ahead of time. The most important thing is the care. It's easy to see that this group is continually adopting new techniques and new equipment, with the goal of delivering the best possible care, and keeping their patients as comfortable as possible.
-Joanne H.
I have never been more impressed with a dental/medical office and it's staff. Kind, caring, informative and absolutely a pleasure to visit, just to say the least. Keep up the outstanding service.
-Greg M.
Had a great visit with Dr. Viskup! He explained everything really well and took his time to ensure that I understood all my issues. He was very gentle when doing the procedure I had no pain at all !!! And Penny the receptionist is awesome too. She made sure to explain all my options with payments and how much insurance I had left and helped me with scheduling my next appointments. Great staff! It had been a long time since I've had such a great experience at a dentist's office.
-Olivia M.
Excellent dental care! The entire staff and dental experience are first rate - from cleaning to restorative work to crowns, and Penny really works with you on the financial aspects also, which can be very complicated with insurance coverage issues.
-James M.T.

Your practice is one of the best around. We feel very comfortable and love the staff and receive the best dental work available. Penny is a bright shining star that greets all who enter the office. Thank you!

-Carol M.

When I was a teenager and young adult one thing I always took for granted was my smile. I always had compliments on my smile. Over the years of wear and tear and a discovered bite defect, my teeth became very crooked and discolored. This is when I made an appointment to see Dr. Shanard. She very kindly explained all that was needed to fix my mouth and to restore my smile. No wonder I was having pain and problems chewing food! After orthodontic work and orthognathic surgery my teeth were straightened and my bite was corrected but my teeth still showed their age. This is when Dr. Shanard and her wonderful staff came into play. Dr. Shanard's guidance transformed my smile back to its youthful (but appropriate) smile by replacing my permanently discolored and misshaped teeth with porcelain crowns and veneers. The process can be lengthy, just as the orthodontics and the surgery was, but in the end it was well worth it. The crowns and veneers were the icing on the cake for me! Frequently I get compliments on my smile and every day I realize how fortunate I am to have found Dr. Shanard!

-Susan Maxham

I highly recommend Lauren Shanard D.D.S. to provide custom-fitted veneers. I had crooked, discolored, front teeth with unattractive gaps. Dr. Shanard provided me with eight upper front veneers that corrected my defective teeth and blend well with the rest of my teeth. I'm no longer ashamed to smile. She is a true artist and a perfectionist in creating custom-fitted veneers. She will settle for nothing but the best for her patients. I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr. Shanard's ability as a cosmetic dentist.

-Natalie M. Thanassi

I want to thank Dr. Shanard and her assistants for doing a really good job on my teeth recently (a filling and a crown). I am usually nervous when I go to a new dentist, and this time was no different. What WAS different, however, was how well Dr. Shanard handled my anxiety (with kindness) and how quickly I was able to overcome it. I have complete confidence in Dr. Shanard; she came highly recommended by my periodontist, and now I know first hand what and excellent dentist she is.

-Nancy Bloomer

Dear Dr. Shanard and Staff,

I have been frustrated for many years by my visits to the dentist-until now, that is…The cause of my frustration and anxiety has always revolved around the same issue: why is it that so many dentists find it so difficult to talk with their patients and put them at ease as they perform necessary work?

I must say that it is refreshing to have found you and your superb staff. You, and they, constantly ask how I am doing while you perform required work and explain in layman's terms what you are doing. These extra steps-so necessary in my opinion- eliminates the anxiety that I have experienced for so many years. Plus, your work is second to none, you are a true artist!

In closing, I commend you and your staff for the outstanding treatment and work that you have provided me. Not only have you won me a patient for life, but I will refer my friends to you as well. You have crossed the line so many fail to cross; you have excelled past good to "GREAT!". 

Sincerely, a very happy patient,
Tom Rogers

A few years ago Dr. Shanard did some extensive dental work for me. It took several months and when all was completed, everything fit perfectly, looked great cosmetically and all without feeling any pain. I recommend her very highly because her work is perfection to say the least. A gentle, painless dentist, who would have thought?

Carol Gleason

I was afraid to take the step to fix my two front teeth. I had a bad experience as a child. At long last I tooth the plunge. Both my front teeth came out perfect.!

I can't help but stare at them in the mirror all the time. It got me thinking…I actually don't mind going to see Dr. Shanard, she is by far the best dentist I have ever had!! The hand picked staff always makes me feel welcome and comfortable. You can't help but feel that you are in good hands the moment you walk through the door.

Just look around.. the waiting are, class act. Every patient suite is squeaky clean and all the extras stand out and are appreciated.

Thanks for a job well done,
David Keough

To say Dr. Shanard is an exceptional dentist would be an understatement. I like to refer to her practice as the "haute couture" of dentistry. Upon my arrival to the Burlington area, I couldn't find a top-notch apartment, yet I lucked out with a top-notch dentist. I was excited when I was chosen as a clinical case for Dr. Shanard's AACD accreditation process. My case was demanding and time-consuming, however, that did not dissuade Dr. Shanard. Accreditation was the goal, yet she accepted the challenge to be the best, and I believe that she is. Dr. Shanard makes you feel as though you are her only patient, she is poised, accurate, and her work is beyond extraordinary, a true artist. Assisting Dr. Shanard through the process with a whimsical sense of humor was Kim - knowledgable and truly gifted in the dental arts. At Contemporary Dental Arts when it comes to your teeth, your smile can't be good, it has to be perfect! I now have a beautiful smile well worth the time invested. I want to say thanks to the entire staff at Contemporary Dental Arts!

Thanks again,
Elizabeth Markison


Dr. Shanard won my confidence immediately with her warm smile, confident ways and her consideration and compassion.

She helped me work out a plan to replace my existing crowns and the new crowns are perfect. The result is fantastic — and the procedures were painless.

I've also had teeth cleaning procedures performed; the hygienist was gentle and thorough.

The office staff are all friendly, competent and professional. Dr. Shannard has a beautiful office with state of the art equipment in a convenient location.

I would recommend anyone looking for a new dentist to consider Contemporary Dental Arts. I feel comfortable there, and I think you will too.

Dwaine Smith Shelburne VT

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